Good and evil

Good and evil- key words

Agape= Christian love.

Bible= Christian's holy book. 

Conscience= inner voice of person.

Devil= Opposite of God/represents evil. 

Faith= trust and belief in something.

Freewill= The choice to follow something.

God= supreme being, Christian's creator. 

Moral behaviour= Lead a life without sin.

Moral code= The right way to behave. 

Origins= begginings.

Suffering= pain, torment and agony we feel. 

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Good and evil- Good and bad

Evil= something very bad or morally wrong OR absence of good. 1) Natural evil= suffering which occurs naturally. e.g. earthquakes, droughts etc. 2) Moral Evil= Suffering caused by people e.g. ****, murder etc. 

Original sin= The first sin by Adam and Eve when they disobeyed God and ate from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. They were cast out of The garden of Eden, some say this is how evil was brought into the world. This is why babies are baptised to wash away sin. 

The devil= Satan/lucifer/beelzebub. 1) Traditional view= physical form. Used in medieval times to scare people into behaving. 2) The bible says he is a fallen angel. 3) Red horn, tail, pitchfork. He tempts people. 4) Ruler of hell. 5) symbolic character to represent evil because nothing can actually match God's power. 

'Your enemy the devil' 'I saw satan fall like lightening from heaven', 'the tempter', 'the serpent of old' 

God= Creator, omnibenevolent, omniscient... Supreme good, He came down to Earth as Jesus and died on cross so that ppl's sins forgiven.

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Good and evil- The problem of evil

'Why is there evil and suffering if God is omnipotent and omnibenevolent?'

Responses= 1) Suffering exists due to the devil. 2) Evil is in the world due to the original sin. 3) God is omnibenevolent so he gave us free will. It's the people who choose the wrong path that creates evil and suffering. 4) Suffering is a test for us to see if we do the right thing and turn to God. 5) Suffering helps atonement= to become at one with God. 6) There should be a balance of good and evil. 

In order for Christians to become at one with God they have to:

Repent for their sins.


Confess their sins.

Love thy neighbour

Follow their conscience

Follow the Bible and the commandments. 

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Good and evil- Coping with suffering

  • Stories in the Bible= guide book, inspires them. Parable of sheep and goat, rich man and Lazarus and story of Job. 
  • Acceptance through faith= Accept God knows best for you. Teaching u a lesson.
  • Jesus' suffering= Able to relate to suffering. Jesus has been through 'The passion', perhaps worse. Inspire Christians to be like him. 'Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you'.
  • Prayer= Pray for strength. 'All kind of prayers and requests'.
  • Religious experience= Go to church and worship.
  • Service to others= help others around you and follow Christian examples. e.g. MLK.
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Good and evil- Moral behaviour

Non-religious= laws, upbringing, house rules, school rules, friends and society. 

Christian p.o.v

  • Listen to their conscience, the voice of God. The holy spirit.
  • Read the bible= follow moral principles e.g. love thy neighbour, the Golden rule,parables etc.
  • Follow the ten commandments e.g. 'do not murder'
  • Look to your priest. 
  • Look to examples of Jesus. What Would Jesus Do? 
  • Look to Christian examples. e.g. MLK.
  • Old testament- 'In the image of God' Behave like God. 

Forgiveness= 'Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive others'.

Redemption= Saved from sin. God has saved humankind. Came to Earth as JC + taught how to behave. Died on cross to make up for original sin and everyone else's. He re-opened the gates of Heaven so ppl who do good and have faith can go to Heaven. 

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