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    • Capitol Punishment
      • Islamic
        • No
          • In the Shari’ah (Islamic law) it says that the murder victims’ family can accept blood money from the murderer instead of death (retribution)
          • The Quran doesn’t make capital punishment compulsory, it recommends it
        • Yes
          • Muhammad made several statements agreeing with capital punishment
          • The Quran says that death is the punishment for murder, adultery and denying Islam
          • Muhammed sentenced people to death
      • Christian
        • Yes
          • The Old Testament gives the death penalty as the punishment for various offences
          • St Thomas Aquinas said that protecting society is a more important part of punishment than the reform of criminals
          • The Church has used capital punishment the past
        • No
          • Christianity teaches that life is sacred, if abortion and euthanasia are wrong then so is capital punishment
          • Jesus said eye for eye, tooth for tooth is wrong
          • Jesus came to save sinners; you can’t reform the dead
      • Non relgious
        • No
          • Courts convict innocent people-  nothing can  release an innocent person who has been executed
          • Stats show countries that don’t use the death penalty have lower murder rates
          • Murderers don’t expect to be caught when they commit their murders
          • Murderers try to commit suicide when they are serving life imprisonment, so prison must be a worse sentence than death
        • Yes
          • If murderers are executed, they are no longer a threat to society
          • The only punishment to fit the crime of taking a life is to take the murderers life
          • If people know they’ll die if they murder someone, they’ll not murder
    • Unanswered Prayers
      • If people don’t feel God’s presence or they aren’t answered they may feel that no one is listening and loose faith
        • If you pray for selfish things then God will not help you
        • Your prayer may not seem to be answered because God has a different plan
        • God may answer prayers by giving people what they need not what they want
    • Evil and Suffering
      • Natural Evil not caused by humans e.g. earthquakes
      • Moral Evil caused by humans e.g. murder
        • God?
          • Natural Evil not caused by humans e.g. earthquakes
          • Why would a good and powerful God create evil and suffering
      • Religion
        • If god is omni-benevolent it aught not to want evil and suffering in the world
        • If God is Omnipotent then it should be able to get rid of evil an suffering from the world it created
        • If God is omniscient they it must have known that evil and suffering would come into the universe and should have created it  differently
        • BUT there is evil and suffering in the world so either there is no god or it is not all powerful or all knowing
          • God?
            • Why would a good and powerful God create evil and suffering
      • Christian Responses
        • 1. Help  by following Jesus through
          • Prayer- asking God to help those who suffer (intercession
          • Service  (actively helping those who suffer)- many organise food and clothing for the homeless and raise money for those in less developed countries,help in hospitals,etc
        • 2. By giving humans free will God created a world in which evil and suffering can happen. Evil and suffering are cause by humans not god
        • 3. Life is a short test preparing people’s souls for heaven. Evil and suffering need to be faced for people to become good, kind and loving. God will reward them in heaven
        • 4. Only God knows and understands why there is evil


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