Buddhists Good and Evil

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  • Good and Evil
    • The concepts of Good and Evil
      • Moral Evil - evil that is caused by humans.
        • eg. murder, ****, theft.
      • Natural Evil - evil that is caused by nature.
        • eg. any natural disasters.
      • Buddhists have to accept that dukkha (suffering) exists.
    • Why is there evil and suffering?
      • The four noble truths reveal the reality of suffering and how to reduce it.
        • 1. there is Dukkha.
        • 2. the cause of dukkha is greed, craving and selfishness.
        • 3. there are ways in which to reduce Dukkha.
        • 4. to get rid of Dukkha, you must follow the eightfold path.
      • Suffering is caused by bad karma which is caused by any unskilful actions.
      • Buddhists should perform skilful actions (upaya) in order to kain good karma.
      • Karma is what keeps you tied to the cycle of birth and re-birth that is samsara.
      • The only way way to completely get rid of suffering is by escaping samsara and reaching nibbana (enlightenment)
      • Mara is the Buddhist version of the devil.
        • Appears in the story of the Buddha’s enlightenment
        • Represents greed, hatred and delusion that trap people in samsara
        • Can be overcome
        • Tries to tempt you off the eightfold path.
    • How do Buddhists cope with suffering?
      • Buddhist teachings are found in the tripikata
      • The three refuges
        • Buddha – his life shows Buddhists the best way to behave
        • Dhamma – the teachings of the Buddha give guidance, e.g. 5 Precepts and Eightfold Path
        • Sangha – other members of the Buddhist community who have more knowledge of Buddhist teachings can give guidance/support
      • The Eightfold path which are divided into 3 main sections but they all work together.
        • Right Understanding - Wisdom Right Thought - Wisdom
        • Right Speech - Morality Right Action - Morality  Right Livelihood - Morality
        • Right Effort - Meditation Right Mindfulness - Meditation Right Concentration - Meditation
      • 5 Precepts this is the moral code for Buddhists that explain the Right Action section of the Eightfold Path.
        • Do not harm any living being
        • Do not take what is not given
        • Do not engage in sexual misconduct
        • Do not speak untruthfully or gossip
        • Do not take intoxicating substances (e.g. alcohol, drugs)


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