Pyrrha- Horace, Latin GCSE set text

Notes on Literary devices used within Horace- Pyrrha

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Horace Writes this poem in Stanzas

  • The metre is Asclepiads
  • The position of words in the first line is significant. The words slender boy is wrapped around the word Pyrrha they are both surrounded by the words many roses. THIS IS DONE PURPOSEFULLY
  • Simple in your elegance is an oxymoron... Horace is flattering a girl he has finished with.
  • Love is explained as storms with rough seas and dark winds, this is a form of metonymy and continues in stanza (verse) 4 when he talks of wet garments.
  • aspera..aequora are assonance connected with emirabiter: he will gape.
  • The wording of stanza 4 is very muddled and mixed up.. so was Horace in love
  • Repitition of Qui/Qui and semper/semper.
  • Choice of aurea and aurae in the same stanza but with different meanings- gold/breeze
  • Juxtaposition
  • Hanging up his wet clothes is like our expression... throwing in the towel.
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HI, I wrote these notes out for my own revision but you are welcome to read through, they were written by my latin teacher.

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