Latin GCSE: The Druids and their Education

This is my translation of section 2, "The Druids and their Education" with the corresponding latin words in red underneath. With some notes about the poem and useful words to remember.

Good luck in Exam


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Latin Prose text ­ The Druids and their education

The druids are accustomed to be exempt from war. Neither do they pay taxes together
Druids solent abesse a bello Neque pendunt tribute una
with the rest. They have exemption from military service and freedom from all duties.
cum reliquis. Habent…

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(alios). Aristotle states that the early philosophers borrowed much of their philosophy from
the Celts.

The druids don't have to go to war or pay taxes like the rest, this said twice in a slightly
different ways for emphasis.

Immuniatatem (free from) and Vacationem (exemption) are virtual synonyms.

People go…


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