Latin GCSE: Translations of three set poems

Contradictions by Martial

Pyrrha by Horace

Love will not let the Poet sleep by Petronius

An english translation with the coresponding latin words typed underneith in red followed by my notes on the style/language of the poem.

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Latin Verse Literature

Contradictions by Martial

You are difficult but easy going likewise.
Es difficilis facitis ideam
You are pleasant but harsh.
Es iucundus acerbus
I am able to neither live with you nor without you
Possum nec cumte nec sine te

o In this poem martial is addressing…

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o "Gracilis" is a young adolescent boy about 14 or 15. Roman men were expected to
be experienced before they were married. So Pyrrha is probably a prostitute.

o Horace is probably writing for Roman men. Older roman men would be
nostalgically remembering that time in their live and agreeing…

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Settled on my bed, I was only just enjoying the first silence of the night and my
Compositus lecto vix carpebam prima silentia noctis
eyes were over come with tiredness and I was falling asleep when savage Amor
lumina victa somno dabam cum saevus Amor
grabbed hold of me and…

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o The three elisions in lines 78 speed up the poem and show the poet's hast

o Exsilio et pedibus, nudis tunicaque solute
o Omne iter impedio nullum iter expedio

o Elegiac couplets were often used in love poems. Elegiac couplets consist of
alternating lines of dactylic hexameter and pentameter.…

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o Solus alone, contrasts with ex cunctis, all of them

o Things that are quiet "hominum voces, strepitus viarum, cantus volucrum"


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