GCSE Latin: The Druids and their Religion

My translation of the third section, The druids and their Religion, with the corresponding Latin words underneath in red. Together with my notes on the sections and an overall conclusion on all three of the sections.

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Latin prose text: The druids and their religion

The whole nation of the Gauls is greatly devoted to the religions and for
Omnes natio Gallorum est magnopere dedita religionibus atque ob
that reason those who are afflicted with more serious illness and those who are
eam causam ei qui sunt…

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o Caesar is quite vague for example when he says "alii" meaning others. He
gives no indication of who these others are and so they may not exists.
o The Isle of Anglesey was the Druids main strong hold in Britain. The Latin
word for Anglesey is Mona, it's near…

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The word vivis, meaning alive, emphasizes the people are not dead when they are put in the
Caesar uses a Polysyndetic (lots of joining words) Tricolon (three similar words) to describe
the type of people the Gods like to see punished, Thieves (furto) or robbery (latrocinio) and
other offences…


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