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NVC core theory

Core theory - SLT ( Social learning theory)

Bandura- we learn through observing others. Certain behaviours are reinforced. NVC is learned, it is not a natural occurrence.

We look to others for guidance, we see by their responses whether they approve/disapprove f our behaviour 

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SLT- The process

Observation - paying attention and watching others (consciously and unconsciously) 

Imitation- making ourselves behave like those around us, whom we admire/ look up to 

Reinforcement - the response our behaviour gets, encourages us to do the same behaviour again.

Punishment - when we remember the effect of criticism or disapproval or even harm

Role models - The person/ persons who we listen to/ watch, celebrities, older siblings or friends.

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Cultural variantions

Cultural Variants -  Differences in behaviour across different countries, societies and communities.

If NVC is a learned behaviour then our behaviour should be influenced by how we are raised.

so are there any key differences between cultures?

e.g. In France, friends may kiss each other goodbye/hello three times on the cheek 

E.g. In Brazil, its common for people to shake hands when meeting or leaving someone.

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Criticisms of SLT

Cannot explain why certain examples of NVC exist despite being punished

 The approach also ignores the role of nature on behaviour

This approach suggest people can learn new ways to behave, but this is not always true

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