Non-Verbal Communication - Key Concepts

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Non-Verbal Communication

Telling others what we are thinking or feeling or planning by some recognised body movement. It can be conscious or unconscious.

Body Language:

Communicating something physically through our body. Examples of this include: our body movements, gestures, touching, keeping a distance.

Facial Expressions:

Communicating something through the movement of muscles in the face - for example moving eyebrows, lips and eyes.

Our body language is a form of non-verbal communication.

  • 7% of the message of NVC is through words
  • 38% of the message of NVC is through tone of voice
  • 55% of the message of NVC is through gestures, body language and posture

Communication is important in all aspects of life and in different situations. Our body language is identified by other people so they can perhaps see your emotions without telling them about it.



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