Psychology: Non-Verbal Communication Notes

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  • Non-Verbal Communication
    • Core Theory
      • Imitate, copying/doing what the person/thing we have been observing is doing
      • Punishment, this will make us consider not doing our actions again
      • Observing, watching someone or something and how they act/are
      • Role Model, the person/thing you look up to/admire
      • Reinforcement, this will make us consider doing our actions again
    • Core Study
      • Aim: to find out if there is any cultural differences when recognising emoitions
      • Procedure: Japanese and American uni students, looked at a questionnaire of 6 computer generated faces, different eyes and mouths. Then rate on a scale 1-9 how happy they looked
      • Results: both cultures responded differently to the different faces, Japanese students gave a higher rating to the faces with happy eyes whereas Americans gave a higher rating to the faces with happy mouths.
    • Alternative Theory
      • Our behavior is governed by instincts we use NVC to help us survive e.g warding off threats, reducing conflict ect
  • Criticisms of the Core Theory
    • Doesn't explain why we persist with NVC we've been punished for
    • Doesn't explain nature (inherited)
  • Application: Social Skills for Rehabilitation
  • Criticisms of the Core Study
    • Lacks ecological validity
    • The questionnaire doesn't measure people's understanding of complex emotions


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