Pre-released media texts- 19 mins,-1.8C

Analysing media texts- 19 mins, 1.8C The first swim at the North Pole

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19 mins, 1.8C

What is it about ?

This article proves global wamring really is happening. He shouldn't be able to swim in that sea and come out alive but because the water is warming up, he can.

Fact + opinion

  • This article has a lot of facts that includes specialist and technical language- impresses,amazes the reader even more because they don't know what the words mean


  • scientific, medical, specialist, technical and navigational- makes it more believable and impressive
    • 'relatively low salinity'
    • 'intense cold disabled their muscles'
    • 'buoyancy aids'
    • 'swam a kilometre (.62 miles)'
    • 'Geographic north pole'
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19 mins, -1.8C (2)

  • emotive - builds up sympathy and amazes the reader
    • 'I was in excruiating pain','distress' extreme
    • 'survives artic plunge' risky

Effectiveness of headline, images, and layout


  • technical language- extremity


  • top image
    • the sea looks curved, fisheye, he looks as if he is diving into the world, acheiving the impossible
    • the picture is dynamic making it more exciting
    • the darker part of the sea lloks like a blck hole which refers to what he says in the article
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19 mins, 1.8c (3)

  • bottom image
    • he has just come out of the water- survived
    • other records are smaller, his is the best


  • The first image is right at the top so you notice before anything else, even the title- makes you want to read on.
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