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People in soureces aswell as important terms

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Vestal Virgins

- The goddess of the hearth Vesta was served by six virgins (i.e vestal virgins) whos duty was to keep the eternal fire inside the temple a light

- There service lasted 30yrs, 10 to learn there duties, 10 to do what they have learned and 10 to teach others

- Numa the king who created the cult gave them special rights*

* make a will during there fathers lifetime and to conduct other business affairs without a gurdian

* if they are out and accidently meet a criminal on there way to execution they are spared

* anyone who goes under a Vestals couch when she is being carried is put to death

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Vestal Virgins - Punishments

Minor offences - are punished with beating by the *Pontifex (chief priest) withe her naked and a curtain between them

Seduction - a virgin that is seduced is buried alive, they prepare a small room within a mound with a bed a lamp and food and water. As its 'impious' for someone who has taken holy rights to die of starvation.

They chain her to her 'Litter' and carry her through the city with on lookers in 'serious dejection'. They then unchain her and place her by the ladder then the priests turn away and cover the entrance with earth.

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Funeral Eulogys Murdia

Murdia - spoken by her son at her funeral

praises her virtues 'chastity' suggeting she was faithful to her husband aswell as'obedient' and 'modest' all values of a roman matron.

Also talks about her sons 'equal' inheritance and her daughters 'bequest' means the sons are likley to lead good lifes and carrers show the importance of the oikos and keeping it going.

*Law had been changed under augustus to allow remarriage unlike that of cornelia who remained faithful to her husband not re-marry

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Funeral Eulogy Turiae

Turiae - spoken by her husband

Virtues include 'loyal' and 'obedient' big list at one point as he talk about her 'domestic virtues' and she shared her inheritance with her sister who was left without any share

Augustus wanted to encourage women to be traditional housewifes, he also encouraged re-marriage to increase the rate of children

* so by turiae offering her husband a divorce when she finds she cannot have a child it depicts what women should be like.


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Turiae continued ...

At some points it feels he is praising her to make himself look good like  he says she 'grieved over my loss of childlessness'. when he comments on his lose of citizenship and how she 'preserved his life' and she found a 'safe hiding place' she was also dragged away 'brutally' when she begged for his recall. conveys devotion.

Its also on public display so couldnt say anything horrible

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Charactors in athenian sources

Clytemnestra - the sons stepmother who he is accusing of poisoning his father and philoneus

Philoneus - friend of the sons father who was also poisoned by the his concubine

Philoneus concubine - follishly poisons clytemnestras husband and philoneus thinking it will philoneus love her more

Erastothenes - killed by Euphiletus for having an affair with his wife

Euphiletus - accused of the premeditated mureder of Erastosthenes

Ciron - the man ,the son is trying to proof is his mum's  legitamate daughter

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Characters in the Themophoria

Mnesilochus - old man related by marriage to mnesilochus

Agathon - was known as a passive homosexual and wtring of trajic poems

Eurpides - accused by the woman at festival of degrading them (not true)

Mica - an athenian women

Cleisthenes - passive homosexual and political reformer

Scythian - tasked with guarding mnesilochus

Echo - a character from one of euripedes plays

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Sempronia a Revolutionary

Caitiline - a roman politician who is knon for trying to overthrow republican rome

Sempronia - one over by Caitiline, she was in many ways like cornelia well read in greek and latin literature. But she didnt not abide modety and chastity she had an over sexed nature. She is using her intelligence for evil means

Caitiline Conspiracy -  an attempt to overthrow republican rome, caitiline and other men of senetorial rank wanted to overthrow rome and have a 1 leader dictatorship. The conspiracy was crushed and caitiline was killed and many others executed.

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Oppian Law

In 215 bc the oppian law was passed it ....

1.limitied the amount of gold and women could posses to half an ounce

2. forbide women to wear purple trim on there dresses

3. or ride in carriage within a mile of rome except on speacial occasions


As there had been many casualties in the Battle of Cannae which meant the wives inherited there husbands wealth and the finacial cost of war was high so the law was made

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