Importance of the birth of children to athenian husbands

what sources to use in a 20 mark question

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What sources to use and why

Murder of Eratosthenes

. Moving the wife downstairs to look after the child because it was a 'risk'

. ' sleep with the child', 'stop him from crying' caring side as the baby is important for the continuation of the Oikos and Inheritance

. Becoming pregnant by her lover would of produced an illegitamate child that wold damage the oikos

Against Neaera

. Shows the damages illegitamate children can due through the marriage of Phano and Phrastor and the Phratrys refusal to except the child

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What sources to use and why

Proof of Marriage

. Her 'wedding feast' and being asked to 'preside at the thesmophoria' all help to prove her legitamacy.

. Aswell as this the Phratert didn't object to the legitamacy of there child and the wifes of demesmen wouldn't have chosen her for the thesmophoria if they didnt believe it

Could argue son had ulterier motive as he stood to gain inheritance


Child birth is important to athenian men as the birth of an illegitamate child can damage the oikos and the birth of a legitamate child will enhance the family through inheritance

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