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People , who they are and relation to others is classics sources aswell as useful terms

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Against Neara

Nicrate - a freed woman, brought 7 girls including Neaera who she hired out for prostitution

Neaera -  worked as a prostitute in corinth until offered freedom by Timanoridas and Eucrates. She ran away from Phyrion after he beat her to Megra. She then met Stephanus who became her protector and took her children in , a daughter Phano and 2 sons. She later married Stephanus and is pimped by him . After a law suit she had to spend the same amount of day with Phyrion and Stephanus every month. Nursed Phrastor with daughter after he became ill

Xenoclides - a poet and one of Neaeras lovers

Hipparchus - an actor and one of Neaeras lovers


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Against Neara continued ...

Timanoridas and Eucrates - Bought Neaera from Nicrate because she was charging to much and later offered Neaera subsidised freedom for her to leave corinth.

Phryrion - Paid towards Nearas freedom, led a reckless live with her but when he began to beat her she ran away. He took a law suit against Stephanus claiming he had stolen Neara from him, they came to an agreement to spend and equal amount of days with her a month

Stephanus - became Neaeras protector and later married her, took her children in and tried to pass them of as his. Began pimping Neaera and blackmailing her lovers. Later gave Phano to Phrastor to marry as an athenenian citizen. Took and taken to court by Phrastor for alimony and dowry they both came to an agreement. The gave Phano to the King of Archon on marriage.

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Against Neara Continued ...

Prastor - married Phano believing she was and athenian citizen when he found her mother was Neara he chucked her out whilst pregant. He took/taken to court by Stephanus because he refusd to give the dowry or pay alimony, they both came to an agreement. He then fell ill and Neaera and Phano convinced him to take the child. But the phratry wouldn't accept the child as he had divorced Phano Phano - daughter of Neaera. She was given in marriage to Phrastor who later threw her out when she was pregnant. When Phrastor was ill she and her mother looked after him and persuaded him to take the child. She was later married to the King of Archon by Stephanus. She is thought to have worked as a prostitute. King of Archon - Married Phano

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Cicero on Clodia

Cicero - a lawyer and friend of Caelius who he is defending. Cicero testified against Clodius who was acquited of having an affair with caesars wife.

Caelius - Friend of Cicero who is defending him and used to be taught by him. Rented and apartment from Clodius and was Clodias lover. Hes charged with political violence

Clodia - Sister of Clodius and Caeliuses lover. She says Caelius has stolen gold from her and tryed to poison her

Clodius - Brother of Clodia who rented an apartment to Caelius. Dislikes Cicero who testified against him when he was acquitted of having an affair with caesars wife.


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Cicero on Clodia Continued ...

Gnaeus Domitius - Presided over the trial as Praetor

Caecus the Blind - and ancestor of Clodia who was an aristocrat that helped the lower classes. Cicero uses him to mock Clodia

Quintus Metellus - died suddenly possibly poisoned by Clodia

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Pliny Characters

Calpurnina - Plinys wife

Calpurnia Hispulla - Calpurnias Aunt

Calpurnia Farbartus - Calpurnias Grandfather

Arria - Grandmother to fannia, she commits suicide when her husband is condemed to death famously saying 'Paetus it doesn't hurt'

Fannia - Granddaughter to Arria, she looks after and ill vestal virgin and then falls ill herself, and doesnt protect herself while husband is on trial  

Minicia Marcella - She dies aged 14 while engaged to be marryed

Helvidius - was sentenced to death by domitian had 2 daughters (helvidiae) who died giving burth to daughters

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Livy Characters

Cloelia - a hostage of the Etruscans who escaped with other girls heroically. She was offered half the hostages by the Etruscan king

Etruscan King - offers Cloelia half the hostages for her heroic escape

Lucretia - she is ***** by Sextus Tarquinius and kills herself as she has lost her honour

Sextus Tarquinius  - rapes Lucretia when he become enthatuated with her

Marcus Cato - Supports the Oppian Lawand believes women should not be involved in anything political

Lucius Valerius - believes the Oppian Law should be gotten rid of as women have done so much to help in the past they deserve it

Romulus - First king of Ancient rome (romulus and remus)

Sabines - Elry italic people had several wars with ancient rome

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Cornelia - Mother of the Grachi Brothers and Sempronia, her husband Tiberius died saving her life when he killed the male snake. Depicted as the ideal roman woman (roman matron) looks after her chlildren and educates them well and never remarrys turning down the Ptolmey the king of egypt

Scipio Africanus - Cornelias Father who defeated hannibal at the battle of Zama

Tiberius - choses death in place of Cornelia by killing the male snake

King of Egypt (Ptolmey) - is turned down in marriage by Cornelia


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Plutarch continued ...

Grachi Brothers - Tiberius and Gaius where the sons of Corneila and Tiberius. They both had succesful political careers with both being tribune at some point. They both died violent deaths

Sempronia - Cornelias daughter

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Juvenal Women in General

Eppia - she leaves her husband, sister and children for Sergius a Gladiator with  'smelly discharge always dripping from his eye'

Messalina - wife of emperor claudius  crept out of the house at night and took the name of Lycisa in a brothel. Talked about in other sources like 'Plinys Natural History'

Cornelia - has a 'snobs brow' because of all her excellence

Mother in Laws - she'll help your daughter have lovers, writing letters to seducers and tricks and bribes husbands spies 'dirty old lady to bring up a dirty little girl'

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Oikos - Family

Paterfamilias - the eldest male ascendent

Epikleros - if there where no sons the inheritance went to the daughter to pass ot the grandsons

Phule - a tribe there where arond 10 during the 5th and 4th century

Phratry - sub-division of a Phule and granted citizenship to children if the deemed them legitamate

Deme - geogrphical sub-division of attica you had to be a citizen to be a member

Demesmen - men belonging to the Deme

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Terms Continued ...

Thesmophoria - women only festival in honour of Demeter and Persephone

Demeter and Persephone - Goddess of agriculture and fertility the Thesmophoria is hed in honour of them

Citizenship Law - 451 bc both parents had to be athernian for there child to become a citizen

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