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The Ultimate Exam guide to the Women Exam

Before You Start

Make sure that you have the right question sheet ­ UNIT 1D ­ Women in Athens and Rome

When you choose which question to answer in section A ­ do so on the basis of the 20 mark question…

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How far women were able to have freedom/ do certain activities / have responsibility.
How far a writer is trying to achieve or portray certain things in his writing.
How far two writers are the same or different.

There has been one nasty question that has asked students to compare…

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young bathers' bodies you want) but in this admission of Clodia's obsession with young flesh as
damning as Appius etc.

To what extent is Valerius. attitude towards women different from that of the previous
speaker, Cato? Give the reasons for your views.

Answers may include discussion of a range (but…

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[1] and success of her mission in restoring girls safely [1] says even enemy king impressed by her
courage [1] who said her actions greater than those of men [1] Horatius who defended
bridge singlehanded [1] and Mucius Scaevola who attempted to kill Etruscan king [1] and after
failing placed…

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From the letters you have read, how far do you think Pliny could be described as .soft.
(line 3) and .frightened. (line 4) when his wife Calpurnia was ill? Explain your

E.g. sent Calpurnia to Campania to recover from ill health [1] wrote letter that
showed concern about her…

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admitted in court that had commissioned biography / handed over diaries to biographer
(Senecio) [1] determination / ingenuity / initiative [1] because took into exile books
which had caused exile [1] etc.

How important was the festival of the Thesmophoria both to wives and to Athens as a whole?

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shown lack of respect for Athenian customs by instigating affair at funeral [1] etc.

To what extent did Lucretia also deserve praise for "modesty, propriety, chastity, obedience,
woolworking, industry, and loyalty" (lines 12)? Explain your answer.
E.g. . Lucretia showed industry / woolworking when weaving in atrium [1] while other…

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Answers may include discussion of a range (but not necessarily all) of e.g. · Cornelia was
remembered as the ideal matrona , an example for emulation · her maternal qualities were so highly
regarded that statue erected with inscription `Mother of Gracchi' sons' qualities particularly said to
have come from…

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which surpasses the wishes of her husband and father an exemplum to future
generations of matronae of the chastity, courage and devotion required by Roman men to
support their ambitions for the future glory of Rome etc.

To what extent does parody of Euripides' plays contribute to the comedy of…

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