OCR A Level Comparitive Studies AUS


Historical AUS

Young Nation

Love Beating UK (Motherland)

No Class System

Currency v Sterling

High Colonial influence from UK

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Geographical AUS

32x larger than UK

22million (third of UK population)

Wide range of climate

Good transport links (Tyranny of Distance)

Good range of topography (genuine wilderness)

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Government Policy AUS

No national curriculum

Decentralised, 3 levels: central, state, local

Funding increased after bad 1976 Olympics performance



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Commercialism AUS

Sport has high entertainment appeal

Rupert Murdoch

Kerry Packer World Series Cricket

T20 Big Bash League

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Social AUS


Social Melting Pot

Indigenous sport programme

Disability sport programme

Government policy for equality

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School Sport AUS

No National Curriculum



Sport Leader Programme

Sports Person in School Programme


Teacher Games

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Promotion of Sport AUS



More ActiveAustralia

Junior Sport Programmes (adapted PE)

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Participation rates AUS

20% of young people are overweight and obese

70% children complete 60 mins of physical activity a day

On average boys devote 2.5 hours to exercise a day

On average girls devote 2 hours to exercise a day

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