Attribution Theory OCR PE

Consists of:

  • Key Definitions
  • Weiner's Model of Attribution Theory
  • Mastery Orientation
  • Learned Helplessness and ways to reduce Learned Helplessness in Performers:
  1. Attribution Retraining
  2. Self-serving bias
  3. Promoting Self-efficacy
  • Strategies to develop Mastery Orientation and avoid Learned Helplessness
  • Effect of Attribution Theory on Healthy Lifestyles
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Sports Psychology
Rebecca Keens

Attribution Theory

Attribution- `The perceived reasons for success or failure following an event.'
Attribution theory tells us how individuals explain their behaviour (in a sporting context, performers use
attributions to provide reasons for winning/losing).
Looks at how the reasons given might affect future achievement motivation.


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Sports Psychology
Rebecca Keens


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