Attribution Theory OCR PE

Consists of:

  • Key Definitions
  • Weiner's Model of Attribution Theory
  • Mastery Orientation
  • Learned Helplessness and ways to reduce Learned Helplessness in Performers:
  1. Attribution Retraining
  2. Self-serving bias
  3. Promoting Self-efficacy
  • Strategies to develop Mastery Orientation and avoid Learned Helplessness
  • Effect of Attribution Theory on Healthy Lifestyles
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Sports Psychology
Rebecca Keens
Attribution Theory
Attribution- `The perceived reasons for success or failure following an event.'
Attribution theory tells us how individuals explain their behaviour (in a sporting context, performers use
attributions to provide reasons for winning/losing).
Looks at how the reasons given might affect future achievement motivation.
The reasons/causes/attributions an individual/team gives for their success or failure can affect:
Immediate emotional reactions.
Actual behaviour.
Future aspirations.
Expectations, motivation and future participation.
Possible reasons for Success: Possible reasons for Failure:
Strong desire to succeed Expected to win and will therefore not try as
Confidence hard (lack of motivation)
High motivation (intrinsic) Task difficulty
Better level of skill than competition Lack of preparation (training)
Lack of effort
Other peoples ability (whether on your own
team or on opponents)

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