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Emily Summers
Dimensions of personality
Extrovert ­ Introvert dimension (E)
He says that humans want a standard of stimulation that is comfortable with and this
will change with different people.…read more

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Emily Summers
Personality isn't enduring/stable, a core. It is founded on the experiences we have in
the social world.…read more

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Emily Summers
Attention: A girl sees how a player relaxes and is calm and controlled, she wins the
netball match.
Retention: The girl remembers the relaxed stance of the player and confidence, and
her success.
Motor reproduction: When this girl is losing in netball she models that players
behaviour, looking calm and confident.
Motivational response: If she feels confident and improves her technique in the
game whilst behaving like that, this acts as reinforcement rewarding her behaviour.…read more

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Emily Summers
Personal factors + The situation where the behaviour occurs
When the situational factors are strong they are more likely to affect behaviour than
personal factors. E.g. a player
normally calm in an important
match they're winning in they
may respond
When situational factors are
weak personal factors are
more likely to affect
behaviour.…read more

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Emily Summers
Validity The test should measure what it says it
Because no definition of mood or
personality is set then how do we know
what they mean and how can we be
sure of what the test measures?
If tests show accurate measurements
of traits then behaviour should
correlate but it doesn't always.
Reliability Tests should show similar results when
repeated, true for Eysenck's
but Cattell even saw that the same
people would give different profiles in
different times with his 16PF.…read more

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Emily Summers
testing is sensitive and the testers
should not go further than
The athletes permission and details of
what's involved must be given, and the
results are confidential only with their
permission may be used.
The tester must be qualified.…read more


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