Nazi's: The wilderness years

What the nazi's did from 1924-1929

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  • After the Munich Putsch, Hitler was imprisoned and he used his time to write a book and decided to seize power by legal means, then destroy the system from within
  • When he was released, Hitler set about rebuilding the Nazi party so they could win by democratic means
  • In May 1924, they gained 32 seats and were encouraged by this success and began to reform
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  • They became organised on a regional level
  • Each region was a Gaue, which corresponded with the 35 electoral districts and was headed by a Gautetiter, personally appointed by Hitler
  • These were divided into Kreise (districts), headed by a Kreislieter, which divided into local branches, Orstgruppen headed by  Ortsgruppenteiter
  • 15 members were needed to form a local branch and all areas were totally loyal to Hitler
  • It may have seemed very organised, but in reality, it was very chaotic as it wasn't organised well and they kept on fighting amoung themselves
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Policies and appeal

  • Their policies were:
    • National Socialism- equality, state control of economy, loyalty and purity
    • Lebensraum- living space
    • Total obedience to the Fuher
    • Aryans are superior, no jews
    • Build up the German army
  • They appealed to
    • Peasants, their way of life is pure and simple
    • The rich, they feared communism
    • The unemployed, they wanted jobs
    • The racist
  • But they didn't appeal to workers, as they voted communist
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  • Joseph Goebbels was appointed head of propaganda
  • He was very good at this, and appeal to the masses by appealing to their emotions rather than rational arguements
  • He designed many posters that appealed to different people like these  Nazi poster with slogan 'German women think of your children! Vote Hitler' (                              Nazi poster with the slogan 'Victory or Bolshevism' (
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SA, ** and auxiliary organisations

  • In 1925, Hitler enlarged the SA and 55% of them came from the unemployed, meaning jobs were created, and in 1926 Franz Pfeffer von Salomon became leader and they made war on Marxism and Jewry by mass demonstrations
  • The ** was also set up, who were fanatically loyal to Hitler personally
  • As a result of the 1924 elections, the Hitler youth, nazi students' league, pupils' league and proffesional groups for teachers, lawyers and doctors etc. was set up to offer something to everybody
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The Result

  • Despite all of this hard work, the Nazis got only 12 seats in the 1928 elections
  • This was because weimar germany was flourishing under Stressemann
  • People weren't interested in extreme politics, but this was all about to change
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