Hitler and the Nazis

Germany 1918 - 45

11.1 The Weimar Republic and the rise of the Nazis

Hitler and the Nazis

Stesemann's government succeeded in stabilising Germany however it was at this time that extremist groups had already began regrouping, wiating for thier chance to gain power.

One of the most well known groups was the Nazis.

The Nazis began as a German Workers Party, led by Anton Drexler.

It wasn't until 1919, when Adolf Hitler joined the Nazi regime.

Hitler was immediately recognised as having great talent and soon after joining, became in charge of Propaganda and political ideas for the party.

In 1920, the party announced its 25 point programme and renamed itself the Nationalist Socialist German Workers' Party, or Nazi's for short.

In 1921, Hitler removed Drexler as leader.

Hitler's energy soon grabbed him a lot of attention. He had a clear but very simple appeal.

Hitler provided Germany with:

- Scapegoats for Germany's problems

- Nationalist passion in all audiences

Many opponents tried to disrupt his meetings, however this was countered by the SA whom Hitler set up, known as the storm troopers, in 1921. They protected Hitler's meetings and disrupted those of other parties.

By 1923, the Nazis were still a minority party, but Hitler had given them a huge profile.

The Nazi's in the wilderness, 1924 - 29

Whilst on trial as a consequence of the Munich Putch in 1923, Hitler wrote 'Mein Kampf' which cleared ideas about what he wanted in Germany's future.

It was also in prison, that he realised the Nazis could not receive power by force.


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