Weimar Republic

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Gustav Stresemann

    • Stresemann was Chancellor in 1923 only.
    • His main role was as Foreign Minister from 1924
    • He was a right-winger and more able than Ebert
    • He built up Germany’s prosperity again although all of Europe was recovering
    •  He signed Germany up to the Dawes Plan in 1924 
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The Dawes Plan - 1924

  • Germany’s reparations paid over a longer period
  • America lent money to German industry and also to the Government to pay reparations
  • German currency reorganised
  • USA payed loans to Germany. Germany paid reparations to GB & France. GB & France paid war debts to USA.
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Foreign Policy

Stresemann showed real skill in foreign policy - 1925

1. Locarno Treaties - 1925 

2. 1926 - Germany joined the League of Nations

3. Young Plan - 1929

Aftera a number of years in the wilderness Germany was accepted back into the international community.

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Locarno Treaties

  • Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, Czechoslovakia, Poland met at Locarno in Switzerland.
  • Signed a number of treaties to settle disputes between themselves
  • France, Belgium and Germany agreed to accept borders as drawn up by Treaty of Versailles
  • Rhineland stayed demilitarised
  • France would protect Poland and Czechoslovakia if attacked by Germany
  • Germany would not use force to settle disputes with neighbours
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League of Nations

  • The League of Nations was the fore runner of the United Nations
  • Its aims were to:
  •  prevent aggression by any nation
  • Encourage co-operation between nations
  • Work towards international disarmament
  • Improve the living and working conditions of all people
  • The core was collective security – members of the League could prevent war by acting together .
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Other features of the Stresemann Years

  • Golden age of German cinema
  • Night life, cabaret
  • Removal of censorship
  • Unemployment and poverty still high
  • Growing prosperity based on USA loans
  • What would happen if USA wanted the money back?
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Anything else?

  • Stresemann wasn’t popular with either the extreme nationalists like Hitler and the Nazis, or with the Communists
  • Hitler disliked the League because it supported the Treaty of Versailles
  • BUT both the Nazis and the Communists made little progress in these years because people were much better off and their EXTREME ideas did not appeal to people
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