Hitler & the Nazis

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  • Nazis began as 'German Worker's Party' (D.A.P) led by Anton Drexler.
  • Hitler joined the party in 1919
  • 1920 - party announced the Twenty Five Point Programme and renamed itself the National Socialist German Worker's Party (Nazi for short)
  • 1921 Hitler replaced Anton Drexler as leader.

Twenty Five Point Programme:

-Abolish Treaty of Versailles

-Union of Germany and Austria

-Only true Germans were allowed to live in Germany

-A strong central government for Germany

Hitler stirred Nationalist passion in his audience. He gave them a scapegoat for all of Germany's problems.

The Munich Putch 1923

  • Hitler believed it was time to topple the Weimar government.
  • Weimar govermant was distracted with the economic crisis (Stresemann had just called off the passive resistance in the Ruhr).
  • 8th November Hitler hijacked a local government meeting and said he was taking over the government of Bavaria…


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