weimar germany

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  • close section (http://onlinetools.org/tools/dom-tree-menu-puredom/minus.gif) THE WEIMAR REPUBLIC
  • November 1918 Kaiser Wilhelm II abdicated.
  • Jan 1919 elections.
  • Feb 1919: new constitution agreed in the town of Weimar/Ebert President.
  • open section (http://onlinetools.org/tools/dom-tree-menu-puredom/plus.gif)System of government in the Weimar Republic (5 points)
    • Elected president controlled army, administration and made emergency laws.
    • Chancellor responsible to the Reichstag.
    • Reichstag made laws, controlled the government and foreign policy.
    • Proportional representation.
    • Bill of Rights.
  • close section (http://onlinetools.org/tools/dom-tree-menu-puredom/minus.gif) THREE PHASES OF THE WEIMAR REPUBLIC
  • 1919-23 Problems
  • 1923-29 Prosperity
  • 1929-33 Collapse
  • close section (http://onlinetools.org/tools/dom-tree-menu-puredom/minus.gif) PROBLEMS FACING THE WEIMAR REPUBLIC 1919-1923 [ILRIM]
  • close section (http://onlinetools.org/tools/dom-tree-menu-puredom/minus.gif)Ineffective Constitution (3 things)
    • Article 48 gives the President vast ‘emergency’ powers
    • Proportional voting means lots of small, powerless parties and frequent changes in government
    • The Army and the Judges were right-wing
  • close section (http://onlinetools.org/tools/dom-tree-menu-puredom/minus.gif)Left Wing Rebellions (2 years)
    • open section (http://onlinetools.org/tools/dom-tree-menu-puredom/plus.gif)1919 (three events)
      • Spartacists led by Rosa Luxemburg & Karl Leibknecht
      • Workers Councils seized power across Germany
      • Communists took power in Bavaria.
    • open section (http://onlinetools.org/tools/dom-tree-menu-puredom/plus.gif)1920
      • Red Army rebelled in the Ruhr.
  • close section (http://onlinetools.org/tools/dom-tree-menu-puredom/minus.gif)Right-wing agitation (2 ways)
    • 1920 Kapp Putsch - rebellion in Berlin
    • Nationalist terrorists murdered politicians (Rathenau 1922)
  • close section (http://onlinetools.org/tools/dom-tree-menu-puredom/minus.gif)Invasion/Inflation
    • France invaded Ruhr - workers on strike = hyperinflation caused by money printed to pay strikers.
  • close section (http://onlinetools.org/tools/dom-tree-menu-puredom/minus.gif)Munich Putsch
    • Nazis tried to take control of Bavaria.
  • close section (http://onlinetools.org/tools/dom-tree-menu-puredom/minus.gif) INSTABILITY OF THE WEIMAR REPUBLIC 1919-24 [CROAPOP]
  • Communists wanted world revolution/hated the new government.
  • Right-wing politicians hated the ‘November criminals’ who signed Versailles Treaty – wanted the Kaiser back.
  • Officials (esp judges) were disloyal and hated the government.
  • Army led by General von Seeckt was unreliable.
  • Proportional representation prevented one party getting a majority.
  • Occupation of the Ruhr humiliated the Gernans and led to hyperinflation.
  • Printing money to pay strikers.
  • close section (http://onlinetools.org/tools/dom-tree-menu-puredom/minus.gif) NAZI ORIGINS AND BELIEFS
  • Nazis…


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