Nazi Control of Germany, 1933-34

11.2 Hitler's Germany

Nazi Control of Germany, 1933-34

- The **

- The Gestapo

- The Poilce and the Courts

- Concentration Camps

There was not supposed to be any kind of opposition to Nazis in germany at the time.

The aim was to create a totalitairian state.

> No rival paries

> No political debating

Citizens were forced to put in thier full energy to serving the country and what the leader wants.

The Nazis had a pwerful range of organisations and weapons usedto control Germany and terrorise their people.

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The **

- Formed in 1925.

- Very loyal to Hitler and fully Aryan.

- Led by Heinrich Himmler.

The ** destroyed the SA in 1935, after which it gained huge responsibilty.

their primary responsibility was to destroy opposition to the Nazis and carry out racial policies.

Two sub-divisons of the ** were the Death's Head units and the Waffen - **

Death's Head Units - responsible for the slaughter of the Jews and the concentration camps.

Waffen - ** - special ** unit that fought alongside the regular army.

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The Gestapo

- Most feared force by ordinary Germans.

- Led by Reinhard Heydrich

They could arrest citizens on suspicion without giving them a trial or even providing an explanantion.

Many Germn people thoughtth gestapo were more powwerful than they actually were.

Consequently, many people told on other as they thought the Gestapo would find out anyway. 

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The Police and Courts

Top jobs were given to those who were reporting to Himmler.

These men were under strict regulations to ignore any crimes committed by Nazi officials.

Similarly, the Nazis controlled the magistrates, judges and courts, which meant that opponents of Nazism never had a fair trial.

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Concentration Camps

- Ultimate Nazi Sanction against their own people.

- Set up as soon as Hitloer took power.

The first camps were set up in 1933 and were bult as prisons inold factorioes and warehouses.

The camps were usaually buiklt in isolated areas and run the the ** Death Heads Unit.

- Prisoners were forced to do hard labour.

- Food was very limited and prisoners sauffered harsh conditions - beatings and random executions.

BY the late 1930s, cmaps were becoming very common and very few people emerged alive from them.

> Nazis

> Communists

> Socialists

> Trade Unionists

> Churchmen

> Anyone who opposed the Nazi regime.

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