GCSE History Germany past exam questions and answers

These are some of the 7 mark questions and answers from OCR over the past few years

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Germany Exam Questions 7 marks
Explain how Hitler consolidated his power in 193334
Hitler consolidated his power by passing an Enabling Act. This let him make laws without
getting the agreement of the Reichstag or anyone else. This meant that Hitler was a dictator
and could do, as he wanted. As soon as the Enabling Act was passed Hitler started the Nazi
Revolution. There was no Parliament to hold him back.
Also, the Reichstag Fire helped him because on 27th Feb 1933 the Reichstag burnt down
and a ditch communist was found in the building. This gave Hitler the opportunity to blame
the communists, saying that the communists were plotting against the government. This led
Hitler to persuade Hindenburg to pass an emergency decree. It suspended all articles in the
constitution, which included, personal liberty, and freedom of speech, press, and assembly.
Explain why the role of women in Germany was so important to Hitler
Hitler thought that women were crucially important to his plans. He wanted Germany to be
the most powerful country in the world and for this he needed a large army. The trouble was
that the birth rate had been going down since1900 and so the women were essential to turn
this round. He needed them to marry good Nazis and have as many children as possible. He
even encouraged women whom were not married to have children with Nazis.
He also wanted a pure Aryan race, and for this he needed women who were Aryan to
marry Aryan men so that they could have `perfect' children. He needed women to produce
children and look after them so they would become good Nazis and support their husbands.
Explain why Germany faced so many difficulties in the years 19191932
Germany faced many difficulties because the government was regarded as very weak. When
the government signed the hated Treaty of Versailles it was seen as weak. One group that
was very angry at the Treaty was the army of the Freikorps and in 1920 they tried to
overthrow the government.
Also, in 1923 there was the revolt of the Munich Putsch lead by Adolf Hitler, they were
right wing and believed that democracy lead to a weak government. However, it was not
properly planned and the government responded quickly. The army crushed the revolt and
Hitler was in prison.
The Weimar government had to deal with all these things and it caused many people to get
angry and irritated as they thought the government was weak.

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Explain why Hitler persecuted minority groups such as Jews, Gypsies and the
Hitler had an aim of creating a master race of pure German people. They had to be
physically perfect. Groups like Jews and gypsies did not have pure German blood and did
not match Hitler's idea of physical perfection. He was worried they would destroy the purity
of the German race and so they had to be destroyed.…read more


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