Germany history essay plans

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Germany Question D

1)explain why Germany experienced a period of recovery in the years 1924-29

  • Change 1: economy, rentenmark and dawes plan meant that germany could begin to pay reparations

  • Change 2: foreign affairs, locarno treaties and league of nations, helped germany be respected by other countries again

  • Link: the recovery of the economy meant that the other countries were pleased Germany could now pay reparations making it easier for Stresseman to negotiate foreign affairs with other countries, creating a period of recovery

2)explain the changes in the position of women in Nazi Germany in years 1933-39

  • Change 1: women encouraged to act differently to men, nazi youth, learnt cooking skills etc in school

  • Change 2: they were encouraged to stay at home and have kids, medals, motherhood cross, The law for the encouragement of marriage.

  • Link: the position of women changed by women now being taught completely different skills to men and studying separate subjects and this training meant that once they had grown up they were now rewarded with different medals for having children and succeeding in what they learnt as youths, changing the position of women

3)explain the problems faced by the Weimar Republic from 1919-23

  • Change 1: opposition because of the treaty of versailles stab in the back, extremism, harsh terms with lots of reparations

  • Change 2: occupation of the ruhr, couldn't pay reparations, hyperinflation

  • Link: as the treaty of versailles conditions were so harsh, many people hated the WR meaning that when france occupied the ruhr because Germany didn't stick to the TofV, the WR couldn't do anything leading to hyperinflation.

4)explain the part played by Hitler in the early development of the Nazi Party 1919-23

  • Change 1: swastika and raised arm salute, raising membership and funds, and money, powerful speeches

  • Change 2: founded SA, disrupted opposition, protect meetings, act as propaganda

  • Link: hitler's good leadership and early ideas of the swastika and salute encouraged more members to join increasing the funds of the party meaning that he could make the SA to protect the party

5)explain the changes in Hitler's powers 1933-34

  • Change 1: enabling law, could pass laws without the reichstag

  • Change 2: one party


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