1933-1934, leading up to Hitler becoming Fuhrer- Notes

Notes on how hitler became chancellor and fuhrer

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Revision Notes,
Jan 1933 Hitler becomes Chancellor
August 1934 Hitler becomes Fuhrer.
Leading up to the event...
27th Feb 1933: REICHSTAG FIRE: Dutch communist, van der Lubbe, caught or framed?
5 March 1933: GENERL ELECTION: 44% vote Nazi. 288 seats in the Reichstag.
23 March 1933: ENABLING ACT. The SA intimidates all non Nazi deputies. Hitler can make
his own laws.
26 April 1933: LOCAL GOVERNMENT REORGANISATION: Country split up.
"Blockleiter" looks after blocks of flats. Hitler sets up Gestapo.
2nd May 1933 TRADE UNIONS abolished.
20th June 1933 CONCORDAT. Agreement with the pope, political power must leave
Catholic Church alone.
14th July 1933 POLICTICAL PARTIES banned. Nazi party only.
24th April 1934 PEOPLE'S COURTS: Judges Oath of loyalty to Nazis.
30th June 1934 NOLK. Murder of 400 SA members, Rohm is murderedleader. Kills Hitler's
main opponents.
19th August 1934 Hindenburg dies, Hitler declares himself president, chancellor and head of
the army.
Events + Results 193334
Reichstag Fire: Hitler could imprison many communist leaders, stopped them from campaigning.
The Nazis could say the country was in danger from the communists during the election. The
Nazis then won more seats.
Not convicting all communist leaders Hitler started the people's court
General Election: Didn't give the Nazis majority, allowed Hitler enough seats and POWER to
intimidate others + to get the enabling act passed
Enabling Act: CRITICAL. Hitler gets absolute power.
Local Government: Nazis are in control + can rule by terror
Trade Unions: Abolishing them destroying opposing group. Hitler could then set up the
German Labour Front control over German workers

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Concordat: Temporary Truce Banned Catholic Zentrum party without opposition from pope.
Political Parties: Germany became a one party state + destroyed democracy. Hitler was safe
in elections.
People's Courts: Hitler greater control over court judgements. Hitler was furious didn't
sentence communists to death for Reichstag fire.
NOLK: destroyed all opposition within the party. Gave power to the SS. Showed Hitler as a
Fuhrer: Absolute ruler of Germany
Hitler and the Army
1934 Hitler not ruler of the Army.…read more


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