History: Hitler's Germany


Hitler's rise to power

Combination of a mixture of factors including events happening outside Germany, the strengths of the Nazi party and the weaknesses of the other parties in Germany. Hitler used all these powers to his advantage and eventually became chancellor in 1933. 

In 1929, American Stock Exchange collapsed and caused an economic depression. America called in all it's foreign loans which destroyed Weimar Germany. Unemployment rose to 6 million. 

In 1930, the Chancellor cut gov expenditure, wages and unemployment pay, the worst thing to do in a depression. He couldn't get the Reichstag to agree so he passed them with Article 48. 

Anger and bitterness = more support for Nazis. 

Many workers turned to Communism which frightened wealthy business so they financed Hitler's campaigns. Middle-classes decided the country needed a strong government. Nationalists blamed T of V and reparations. 

Nazis only have 12 seats in 1928 and had 230 by 1932 and were the largest party.

Government was in chaos, string of unsuccessful chancellors. 

Jan 1933, Hindenburg and Papen offered Hitler to become vice chancellor to get the Nazi party on their side. He refused, demanding to be made chancellor. They agreed, thinking they could control him. 

Jan 1933- Hitler became chancellor. He set about making himself absolute ruler using Article 48. 

Reasons why Hitler rose to power:

  • He was a great and persuasive speaker
  • The moderate political parties would not work together
  • Depression of 1929 created poverty and unemployment which made people angry with the Weimar government. People turned to extremist parties like the Communists and Nazis. 
  • Nazi storm troopers attacked Hitler's opponents. 
  • Goebell's propaganda campaign was very effective
  • Hitler was given power by Hindenburg and Papen
  • German people were still angry about the Treaty of Versailles 
  • Industrialists gave Hitler money and support

OUTSIDE EVENTS, STRENGTHS of Hitler and the Nazi party, WEAKNESSES of the other parties. 

HOW Hitler came into power in 1933

WHY Hitler came to power in 1933

HOW IMPORTANT Hitler was in the Nazis' rise to power

WHY the Weimar Republic collapsed

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