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Limestone Pavements

Example ... The Burren

  • North Western Ireland
  • County Claire
  • Approx 300 km squared
  • Glacial Soil
  • Caves and Rivers undernearth which flood quickly
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  • Limestone Formed through layering and compounding of dead animals, plantsand calcium carbonate, under great pressure
  • This was forced above sealevel due to movement of the earth's crust
  • Limestone is a permiable and sedimentary rock, its is also alkali
  • The natural, carbonic acids in rainwater, dissolves the limestone
  • This is chemical weathering
  • Over thousands of years this creates large cracks or Grykes, which can be up to 3 meters deep
  • Iscolated Clint rocks can also be found because of glacial movement
  • Glacial Soils don't support much vegitation however, many rare wildflowers can be found eg. Gention
  • The Burren is one of the largest Karstic Limestone pavements in Europe
  • Part of it is one of Irelands 6 national parks
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River Tees, Yorkshire

Source = high up moore-land in Pennines, it recieve 3 times more rainfall than the lower course of the river, also snowmelt and spongey boggy groun

  • Larger waterfall - High Force

The formation of waterfalls and rapids (

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Lower Course

  • Flatter
  • broader
  • deeper
  • faster with a stronger current
  • Farmland
  • Larger Towns
  • Meanders

Human Influences

  • resevoirs
  • sheep farming
  • Quarry - windstone
  • Stockton - grew becasue of bridges, raw materials, iron steel, chemical and shipbuilding - straightened river
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