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Human Geography
Case Studies
Population Change
China one-child policy
Will China become a sustainable population?

Must not marry until late 20's
Only one successful pregnancy
Must be sterilised or must abort future babies
Receive a 5-10% salary rise for limiting family
Priority Housing, pension and family benefits

Disobeying the rules:…

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Three years of paid parental leave
Full-time schooling starts at the age of three
Day care for children younger than three is subsided by the government
The more children a woman has, the earlier she will be allowed to retire with a full pension.

Poland- UK
Migration within the EU…

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Strategy 1- London Docklands
Bringing land and buildings into effective use

£1.86 billion in public sector investment
£7.7 billion in private sector investment
431 ha of land sold for development
144km of new and improved roads
the construction of Docklands Light Railway
2.3km² of commercial/industrial floor space built
762 ha…

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60% of Nairobi's inhabitants live in slums
800,000 ­ 1,000,000 people live within 225ha
Over 100,000 children are orphans as a result of HIV/Aids
Homes are made mud, wood, or corrugated iron
No sanitation
One standpipe may supply water for up to 40 families
Crime is rife

Finding Solutions:

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One of the most powerful and destructive hurricanes, hitting several Caribbean countries and
Ivan hit the island of Grenada on 7th September 2004
Winds were travelling at about 200km per hour
Trees were uprooted, services and building were destroyed, and roads were blocked by
fallen trees.
37 people died…

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Environmental quality is improved as sustainability is an important aspect of ActionAid

Community Youth Empowerment programme- small-scale aid

Gap year students go out to help:
Raise awareness of aids to prevent as many infections as possible- through role play and
drama to appeal to younger people
Improve knowledge of…

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Ensure a fair standard of living for farmers
Ensure reasonable prices to customers
Guarantees the survival of rural communities- where more than half of EU citizens live
Preserves the appearance of the countryside

European Investment Bank (EIB)
EU policies to reduce different levels of development

EIB's money comes from the…


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