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Flash cards for some of the music topics you have to cover when doing GCSE with OCR

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1830 ---> 1900

Leiders-German Love songs, Strophic, Schubert

Creates a picture

Describes a story

Composers wrote nationalist music

Beethoven and Brahms

Large Orchestra


Longer Melodies

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Modern Bhangra developed in the UK in 1980's

Originally folk dance from the Punjab

The Chaal rhythm

lots of repeated notes

mixes traditional dance rhythms and tunes from India and Pakistand with dance music


Drum machin instead of dhol



Music Technology

Fused with the chaal rhythm and western styles like hip-hop, disco, drum n' bass, rap and reggae

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Major and minor

equal four bar phrases

fewer ornaments than Baroque

dynmanics more subtle

Piano became popular


Bigger orchestra

Mozart, Haydn and Beethoven

Sonato Form


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4/4 time

violins, double bass and piano

Italian and African influences

chromatic and jazzy tunes

dotted rhythms and spiky rhythms

Types of Tango- Argentine, Electro, Ballroom, Tango Nuero (Jazzy)

Ha-ba-ner-ra and This Is A Tango rhythms

From Argentina


Passionate and sensual

Minor Keys

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American Line Dancing

Began in the 1970's

verse-chorus structure

4/4 time fast tempo

strong drum beat

Lively and upbeat

Played at dance halls and clubs

Set dance moves, dancers stand in lines all facing the same way

Major Key

Repetitvive melodies

links to country and western

Instruments-violins, accordian, guitar, banjo, harmonica and drums

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1600 -->1750

terraced dynamics (sudden dynamics)

used major and minor scales

lots of decoration

repetitive melodies and simple harmonies


instruments-flute, strings, recorder, bassoon and organ

small orchestra

contrapuntal/polyphonic texture

Continuo-Cello and harpsichord

Composers- Purcell, Vivaldi, Handel and Bach

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mostly 4/4 time

usually 120bpm


electric guitar plays lead and rhythm parts

verse chorus structure

middle eights/bridge

snare drum on beats 2 and 4

hi-hat plays quaver off beats

four to the floor

sequencers, panning, multi-tracking, synthesizers, drum machines

began in New York

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Cuban Son and American Jazz

traditional latin american percussion: congas, timbales, bongos, maracas and the guiro

spanish guitar


jazz chords


imitation, riffs, walking bass line, comping

piano, guitar and bass rhythm section

trumpets or saxophone play the tune

repeated rhythm pattern 

vocals- one or two soneros(lead vocals) and he choro(the chorus)

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