Medicine Through Time - Disease and infection

history, medicine through time, disease and infection

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Pre-historic Age

  •  Supernatural beliefs: If you spirit left your body, or if an evil one entered, you became ill. e.g. Celts believed in 'water spirits'.
  • They carried charms to ward away evil spritis.
  • The medicine man would chant around the ill person to get rid of evil spirtis
  • Wise women used herbs and plants e.g. Chickwood leaves on open sores.
  • The main illnesses were Osteoarthiritis due to carrying/pulling heavy loads/ Women had child birth problems.
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A. Egypt

  • Supernatural beliefs:  godess Sekhmet (War) could cure and cause epidemics.
  • Sanatorium: place of healing
  • Priest-magicians 'cured' the sick by performing magic tricks.
  • Natural Theory: Blocked Channels theory: The channels carried water, air and blood around the body. They compared to it to the irrigation channels of the River Nile, if it became blocked the crops died. Therefore, if the body channels became blocked, the person became ill.
  • Physicians cured the sick e.g. Irj- palace physician
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