Checklist of Medicine Through Time revision.

This isn't so much of notes it's checklist of what you need to revise, It's in date/period order. Good luck revising!

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Checklist of revision for medicine through time exam;

Disease and Infection

Prehistory - c10 000 BC­c500 AD
· Prehistoric societies: the role of magic, parallels with traditional
aboriginal societies
· Ancient Egypt: supernatural and natural approaches to medicine;
priests and doctors
· Ancient Greece: the cult of Asklepios; the development…

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· The impact of superstition and Christianity on Medieval medical
· The challenging of medical authority: improved knowledge of anatomy
and physiology
· Continuing traditional methods: bleeding.
Key individuals: Rhazes, Ibn Sina (Avicenna), Ibn Nafis, Vesalius, Pare,

Industrial revolution and modern ­ c1700 ­ present day
· Developments…


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