Prehistoric Medicine


Prehistoric Medicine

Because prehistory was at a time before man could write, little is known about the prehistoric age, including medicine. However by studying the tribes of today such as the aboriginies and the skeletons from prehistory some knowledge can be gained, but much of it has to be guessed.

Beliefs About Disease.

Prehistoric man believed that it was not bacteria or dirt that caused disease, but evil spirits that took over the body of the sick person. Prehistoric 'doctors' had different ways of removing the evil spirits.

The prehistoric people used Shamen or Medicine Men to treat disease along with superstitious remedies such as charms. However through the skeletons of the prehistoric people, archeologists have been able to find alternative methods for ailments.


For headaches:

  • Skeletons have been found with holes in the skull. This is a method called trephaning - the skull was…


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