Egyptain Medicine

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Egyptian Medicine - Religion

Religion massively increased medical knowledge in Egyptian times...

because the Egyptians believed that people had life after death and that they would need their bodies in the after life. The Bodies of important people like Pharaoh's were embalmed ready for their other life.

When the body was embalmed before it was wrapped up the organs were taken out (liver, heart, brain etc..) this help the Egyptians to see what the insides of the body looked like.

Egyptians believed that Gods gave out and cured disease.

Priests keep clean by washing which influenced normal people.

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Egyptian Medicine - Natural world

Egyptians also used Natural world around them to help them deal with illness and disease...

The Nile Theory was one the Egyptians best (nearly there) theories.. they believed that the human body was like the river Nile that it had channels ...the channels carried blood and food around the body (irrigation).

Egyptians usedplants,herbs and animals to help cure disease and illness.

The Egyptians used tradeto get new ideas..they would swap and trade with other countries to get new things this help medicine because it meant the Egyptians could improve their ideas about medicine.

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Egyptian Medicine

Surgery was very basic and Egyptian doctors didn't know about infection so surgery was limited. Metal workers were employed by the Egyptians this meant that doctors had good instruments to preform surgery with.

Hieroglyphics and Myths helped keep the Egyptians ideas about medicine....

Hieroglyphics (writing) this was excellent on the Egyptians side because it meant that future generations would have this information about medicine and be able to use these ideas and improve them with new knowledge.

The Egyptians Myths(stories) usually had elements of their medicine skills in them this helped future generations know about the Egyptian they can improve them.

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Egyptian Medicine

The Egyptians knew about the heart, the pulse, liver, lungs and blood...

however they did not understand the proper roles of these parts of the body.

Egyptians believed that the heart was the most important organ in the body. They described how blood flowed through over 40 channels from the heart to every part of the body. The blood carried air and water that were essential for life.

People still believed in Gods and spirits

Herbs were still used as medicines

People still did not understand how the body worked

People did not understand what caused disease.

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