Impact of the NHS on medical care 

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  • Impact of the NHS on medical care
    • Improved access to care.
      • They took over all hospitals in the UK.
      • Provided medical care for the whole population.
        • Hospitals were more widespread.
      • Anyone could afford it because it was free.
    • The NHS.
      • The NHS was launched in 1948 by our government.
      • It is funded through tax.
      • Largest government funded medical service.
    • Improvement of medical centres.
      • GP surgeries became modernized.
        • Modern equipment.
      • Growing demand for appointments
        • Waiting times increased.
    • Treatment and equipment improvement.
      • Pain, infection and blood loss in surgery were no longer a problem.
        • Improved medicine and equipment made this possible.
      • X-rays were now carried out in depth and accuracy.
        • Disease and defects internally could easily be spotted.
      • Robotic arms assisted in surgery
        • Surgery became easier and quicker.
          • Waiting times decreased.
      • Transplants were now possible.
    • 3-D printing.
      • Organs may soon be able to be created through 3-D printing.
      • Decades away from being possible.
      • Increases possiblity of a match being found for an organ transplant.


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