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Robert Koch
By Leah Davis…read more

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Background of Robert Koch
Heinrich Hermann Robert Koch was a German physician who was
born at Clausthal in the Upper Harz Mountains on the 11th December
He was the son of a mining engineer
He attended the local high school, and there showed an interest in
He taught himself to read at the age of five
In 1862 Koch went to the University of Göttingen to study medicine.
In 1885 Koch was appointed Professor of Hygiene in the University of
In 1866 Koch married Emmy Fraats - She bore him his only child
named Gertrud
In 1893 Koch married Hedwig Freiberg
Dr. Koch died on May 27, 1910, in Baden-Baden…read more

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What Made Him Famous?
Koch was made famous by discovering:
The anthrax disease cycle (1876)
The bacteria responsible for tuberculosis (1882)
The bacteria responsible for cholera
He also formulated rules for the control for epidemics of cholera which are still the
basic procedures used by modern epidemiologists and medical researchers
today .These are called "Koch's Postulates" and include:
1. Identify a specific organism,
2. Obtain a pure culture of that organism,
3. Reproduce the disease in experimental animals using the pure culture,
4. Recover the organism from the infected animals.
He was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for his tuberculosis
findings and now he is considered one of the founders of microbiology.…read more

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His Importance In The
Development Of Medicine
Through Time
Robert Koch was important in the development of medicine through time
because, without him, we may not have a process for controlling cholera
epidemics today, we might not know the bacteria responsible for tuberculosis
and cholera and also, we wouldn't have an anthrax disease cycle. This would
lead to more diseases which are hard to control, we wouldn't know what to
research to fight against when people get cholera or tuberculosis and also,
Louis Pasteur wouldn't have invented the first vaccine for Anthrax which means
we might not have been able to treat it now.…read more


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