Media Studies (Welsh Board)- Sport on TV

This is only for students tking the Welsh board exam which consists of two sections

!) Sport on TV

2) Advertising in Print and electronic Media

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Public Service broadcasters and The BBC

Public service broadcasters are broadcasters which get their money from a licsence fee . An example of this is the BBC. They have a commitment to the public to provide a choic eof programmes to appeal to all social groups. This si why the BBC has to put a range of programmes ( even shows which may only have a small demographic) on and are unable to have adverts on between shows for products. The BBC has been around for a long time which gives it a prestige so it is seen as the coverage can be trusted which is why if there is the same match on ITV and BBC, the BBC match will pull in more people.

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Peak Time

Peak time ( also known as prime time in the USA) is the time between 6pm and 10:30 pm when viewing is at its highest.You must be aware of this for the preproduction task as the types of shows scheduled during this time are big money makers like Doctor Who and Britains Got talent which pull in lots of viewers. Therefore a sports cach up show wuld never be scheduled on a major channel during these times as it is unlikely to bring in as many viewers

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Commercial broadcaster

A channel funded by money from advertisment like ITV. The programmes seem to be alot more commercialised and are created for a mass market rather than for differnt social groups. This is because the programmes which can generate a greater audience result in more viewing, higher priced a dvertiising and more money. However, this can mean good drama series such as Gavin and Stacey can not be made on ITv because it will not bring in as much revenue as a big talent show.

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Title Sequence & Signature Tune

A series of shots and music or graphics that appear at the start of a programme. They are the same each time the programme is on and become represented with the programme. A signature tune is the soundtrack played over images in the title sequence on the programme. it is represented like the show and sometimes like on Match of the Day is famous without the show.

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Live sports coverage

These are the genre conventions of live sport on TV-

* More improvisation

* No edits

* Retired footballers as pundits

* Commentator and expert summariser

* Glass studio over pitch

* Shots of the ground

* History

* Outside Broadcasts

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Highlights shows

These are the genre conventions of highlights shows

* More casual

* Familiar presenters

* Rehearsed

* Permanent experts/pundits

* The same titlesequence/signature tune each week

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these are really useful i can hardly find any resources on Sport on Tv so thankyou)

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