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Propp's Character Theory





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Todorov's Narrative Theory

-Equilibrium (calm)~ Opening

-Disruption of equilibrium~ Development

-Recognition of disruption~ Complication

-Attempt to repair disruption~ Crisis

-Restoration of equilibrium~ Conclusion

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Levi-Strauss: Binary Oppositions and Enigmas

Binary Oppositions- to things that are completely opposite eg. light V dark, good V bad etc.

Enigma- puzzle, enigmatic character

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Blumer and Katz Uses and Gratifications Theory



-Personal Identity

-Personal Realtionships/Social Interactions

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Stuart Hall's Theory




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Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

  • Self-Actualisation (-Morality -Creativity -Spontaneity -Problem Solving -Lack of Prejudice           -Acceptance of Facts)
  • Esteem (-Self-Esteem -Confidence -Achievement -Respect of/by Others)
  • Love/Belonging (-Friendship -Family -Sexual Intimacy)
  • Safety (-Security)
  • Physiological (-Breathing -Food -Water -Sex -Sleep)
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Laura Mulvey's Male Gaze Theory

-Objectification of women

-Makes men want to watch/read a text/video

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Galtung and Ruge's News Values



-Elite People/Nations






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Dyer's Utopian Solution

The idea of being a community and of unity- feeling media gives us

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4C Theory





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