Madchester Scene

Towards the lat 1980's to early 1990's the Madchester scene occured. This scene is Brittish pop musis that has developed in Manchester. The type of Brittish pop that occured from this scene was; 

-Alternative Rock 

-Phycadelic Rock 

-Electronic Dance Music 

The artists related to this music were the

-Happy Mondays 

-Stone Roses 

-Inspiral Carpets,Northside

-Paris Angels

The music scene in Manchester immediately before the Madchester era had been dominated by The SmithsNew Order, and The Fall. These bands were to become a significant influence on the Madchester scene.

Mixed Guitar based rock with forms of dance music and acid.

Use of samples and synthersisers, as well as electric guitars

Two Main artistis: Happy Mondays and Thes Stone Roses

Stone Roses; Music charecterised by a blend of melodic jangly pschedila sung with a northen accent

Happy Mondays: Music influenced by the emerging acid house scene.

Pills 'n' Thrills and Bellyaches in 1990

Produced by Paul Oakenfold and Steve Osborn which went platinum in the UK sellinf more than 350,000 copies. This puts the band firmly on the mad as one of the most influential bands wo come out of the UK in the early 1990's.

Sotne Roses had success with "Elephan Stone" 1998 and 2Fools Gold 1989.

Stone Roses are soft and peace loving where as Happy Mondayspotray quite agressive music.

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The Smiths

-English rock band formed in Manchester in 1982

-Helped retuirn guitar- bassed music to popularity

-Witty Contravertial lyrics

-Featuring Morrissey (vocals), guitar, bass and drums

- Originally signed to independent record label 'Rough Trate Recods'

- Most succecful albums= the Queen is Dead (1986)

-Reaction to Synthpop bands of 1980's such as Spandau Ballet

Musical Features:

-Jangaly Guitar sound

-Whinny Vocal tone

-Repertative Picked Riffs

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Rough Trated Records

Manchester Bassed

Richard Scott Set up an indapendent record label with an independednt nationwide distribution network for bands taht had been overlooked by large companies giving them a chance at success.

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