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  • British music scene that developed in Manchester in the late 80's and early 90's
  • Music that emerged from the scene was a mix of alternate rock, psychedelic rock and electronic dance music
  • The Haçienda was a night club and music venue in Manchester
  • Bands associated with Madchester were the Stone Roses, the Happy Mondays and The Charletans
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Britpop and Grunge

  • Britpop came around in the 90's and enjoyed success in the mainstream with lighter themes and a more pop sound
  • Bands include Oasis, Pulp, and The Verve
  • Blur had a rivalry with Oasis in 1995 dubbed "battle of the britpop"
  • Grunge came around in the early 90's in Seattle with Nirvana, it had similar roots to indie music and inspirations cited are older indie bands such as R.E.M. Other bands include Alice In Chains and Pearl Jam. 
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Indie Labels

  • These labels were independent from the major record labels and had a DIY work ethic to productions
  • Factory records were associated with Madchester
  • Other Labels include:
    • 4AD - The Pixies
    • Creation - Oasis
    • Island Records - Pulp
    • Factory Records - The Happy Mondays
    • Domino Recording Companiy - Arctic Monkeys
    • Geffen Records - Elastic
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