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Clean wet
Clean, but has small amount of effect. This is usually reverb.
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Two constraints of Reverb
1) How much the sound reverberates after the sound is played. 2) How long the pre delay is before the reverb kicks in.
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Used to recreate a space your not in, recreated the ambience.
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A complete repetition
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Crunch (Overdrive)
Boosting a clean signal, Slashing speaker cone can also gain same effect.
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Same as crunch, but much more saturated. (Main Nob=Gain)
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Modulation/ Wobble
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Manuel wobble, Heard in guitar solos
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Recreating the nuances between two players of an instrument, It makes the sound a lot thicker.
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Indie (General)
Geoff Travis produced Rough Trade records, signing small bands hence Indie music. Tony Wilson started Factory records to produce Joy Division records, Created the Manchester scene.
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Classic Rock Band lineup
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House and Punk
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DIY Ethics
Used what they could find!
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Used Often!
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The Smiths
Started by Johnny Marr and Morissey, Influenced by 60's rock and punk, Rejected synths and instead went for guitar driven sound, Lyrics full of dark humour and sarcasm and guitar tuned up a tune to set vocals. "This Charming Man"
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Synthesiser influenced that focussed less on guitar riffs and more keyboard. Part of the Madchester scene. "Beautiful Ones"
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Joy Division (New Order)
Clean, clear sound separation, Playing each drum individually to reduce bleeding. (New Order) Self-built synthesisers and six-string bass for more melody. "Love will tear us apart"
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The House Martins
"Jangle Pop" paying "Traditional 60's-Style guitar pop overlaid with soul vocals. Lyrics had socialist themes describing some of the tracks as "original political". "Caravan of Love"
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The Stone Roses
(Madchester) Found in 1983 by Ian Brown and John Squire. Influenced by garage rock, northern soul and punk rock. "She Bangs The Drums"
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The Charlatans
Formed in 1989 by Martin Blunt. Fused 1960's should, R&B and Punk Rock. Dominating Hammond organ with driving rhythms. "Weirdo"
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Formed in Manchester in 1982 (Manchester). Performed mostly improvised music, Provided in jam sessions. Live act, Studio would taint their sound. "Fine"
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Happy Mondays
Fused indie rock style with house and funk. Music was bright and colourful and used fractured melodies. Vocals were monotone. "Step on"
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The Cure
Dark and gloomy, based on despair. They used dominative melodic bass lines. Used lots of lairing guitars and synths, Using synth strings. "Just like heaven"
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Hook driven, Based and influenced from new wave. Vocals were also monotone. "Connection"
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Influences from acid house. Music was glamorous, but still gritty which is seen from lyrics. They used cheap synthesisers with swinging melodies. "Common People"
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Classic Band lineup (Soul)
Vocals, Backing Vocals, Horn Sections, Guitar, Drums, Strings and Electric Piano.
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Vocal Delivery
Emotional and Melismatic
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Soul Features
Driving Rhythms, Riff Based, Use of Call and Response, Simple song structure, Melodies using pentatonic/blues scale and love/socialist issues is general theme.
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Lots of writers, setup in Detroit, Much more highly produced, Overall sound was rich using strings and backing vocal and Aimed at commercial white audiences.
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Recording Style
Rhythm section first day then decide singers second day.
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Aimed at black R&B audiences, grittier sound. Recordings had a live feeling and Booker T and the MG's were the house band.
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Much bigger record able linked to Stax
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Philadelphia Soul
Highly Produced. Came later on!
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Music Technology Production:
Use of multitrack recording, Live recordings of complete bands using DI for guitars and bass, Use of acoustic screens, Close mic drum recording, Overdubbed vocals, Echo chamber, Plate reverb, Use of compressor and extreme panning.
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Otis Redding (Stax)
Copied rock and soul style of Little Richard, influenced by soul musicians such as Sam Cooke, Raw vocal abilities to convey strong emotion. The Beatles and Bob Dylan, lots of rock and roll influences in his track "Hard to handle"
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Sam and Dave (Stax)
Influences of Jackie Wilson and Sam Cooke, Use of call and response. Track = "Hold on I'm coming"
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The Supremes (Motown)
Trio of vocalists, Rich vocal melodies and they were fashion icons. Track = "Baby Love"
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The Four Tops (Motown)
Lead singer had deep voice, Use of immaculate four part harmonics and use of call and response (Melodies were simple and distinctive) Track = "I can't help myself"
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Aretha Franklin (Atlantic)
Gospel influences, Vocals were very passionate and emotional (Mezzo-soprano), Lots of R'n'B backing instrumentals, makes it quite intense. Track = "Respect"
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Clean wet


Clean, but has small amount of effect. This is usually reverb.

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Two constraints of Reverb


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