Latin Virgil 6

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Latin Virgil 6

He swiftly drew back his spear are and gazing upwards at the moon above, prayed, with these words: "O you goddess (alliteration) be here and help us in out trouble, you Latona's daughter, glory of the stars and keeper of the woods. if ever my father Hyrtacus brought offerings on my behalf to your altars, if i ever (repitition) added to them from my own hunting, hung them beneth your dome, or fixed them to the sacred eaves, let me throw their troop into confusion, guide my spear through the air." He spoke and flung the steel, straining with his whole body. The flying (historic present) javelin divided the shadows of the night, entered Sulmo's back, as he turned and there snapped and pierced the heart with its broken shaft. He rolled over, pouring a hot stream from his chest, and shook his sides with deep gasps, as he grew cold. They gazed round them, in every direction. Nisus, all the more eager- Look!- levelled another spear against his ear. 

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