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Nisus et Euryalus Lines 115

After their arrival in Latium in Italy, Aeneas and his followers are at first welcomed
by Latinus, King of the Latini, he promises to give Aeneas his daughter Lavinia in
marriage. However the Goddess Juno, who is hostile to the Trojans, starts a war

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The other living creatures throughout the land were relaxing all their worries in sleep
Cetera animalia per terras laxabant cura somno
and their hearts were forgetting their troubles (but) the first leaders of the Trojans and
et corda oblitia laborum primi ductores Teucrum
a chosen group of young men were…

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o Orant "they are begging"­ another present historic, as if we are watching them

o Nisus and Euryalus are described as "trepidos" (excited) should they actually be

o Aeneas' son Iulus is in his early teens. Left in charge.

o Speech is used for characterisation and to forward…


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