Latin Virgil part 5

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Latin Virgil 5

Nisus was clear and already unaware had escaped the enemy. And was at the place later called Alba. From Alba Longa (at the time King latinus had his lofty stalls there.) When he stopped and looked back vainly for his missing friend. (direct speech) "Euryalus unhappy boy where did i leave you behind? which way shall i go? he said considering again all the tangled tracks of the decptive wood (alliteration) , and at the same time scanning all the backward traces he could see, criss crossing the silent thickets. He heard horses, heard cries and signals of pursuit (tricolon): and it was no great time before, amonst all thing, a shout reached his ears, and Euryalus whom betrayed (cataloge) by the ground and the night and confused by the sudden turmult, overpowerd and struggling violently in vain, the whole troop had now siezed. But what can he do? With what force or weapon can he dare to rescue the youth. Should he hurl himself to his death amonst the swords, and his wounds hasten to a glorious death.

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