Nisus and Euryalus side by side translation

For anybody frantically studying Nisus and Euryalus, here is a translation set out in a way that I can understand. It may not suit everybody, but should be helpful. Good Luck!

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Latin English

Nisus erat portae custos, acerrimus armis, Nisus was the guard of the gate, most brave in battle, and next to him was his
et iuxta comes Euryalus, quo pulchrior alter comrade Euryalus, of whom no other of Aeneas' men who carried arms were more
non fuit Aeneadum Troiana…

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Rhamnetem aggreditur, qui forte tapetibus altis the proud Rhamnes with his sword, who by chance, was raised up
extructus toto proflabat pectore somnum. high on his rugs and he was snoring forth in sleep in his entire chest.

Interea praemissi equites ex urbe Latina, Meanwhile horsemen had been sent ahead…

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Nisus and Euryalus Lines 15 questions

1. How do Nisus and Euryalus differ in appearance?
Euryalus is the most handsome of all the army, more handsome than Nisus. He is also younger
2. Which quotes show Nisus and Euryalus' relationship?
`his amor unus erat' ­ there was one love between…

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Nisus and Euryalus Lines 2127 questions

1. Why does Nisus believe that he has found a suitable spot for an ambush?
`interrupti ignes' ­ the fires are interrupted and therefore they can easily see the entrance.
`aterpue ad sidera fumus erigitur' ­ black smoke rises up to the stars. The…

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Nisus and Euryalus lines 3439 questions

1. Which word is used to describe the camp, and what does it suggest?
`Inimicus' This means `of an emeny' or `hostile', and it could mean that the camp is the
enemy's camp, or it is a hostile/deadly camp.
2. `multis tamen ante future…

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Nisus and Euryalus lines 4754 questions

1. How many cavalrymen were there? Why does Virgil emphasise this number?
There were 300 cavalrymen. Virgil makes a point of this to show how outnumbered Nisus and
Euryalus are and how ridiculous their plans were.
2. What were the cavalrymen doing?
They were…


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