Pe theory Key influences: image

Key influences: image

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  • what we see on TV
  • what we hear on the radio
  • what we read in newspaers

Effect can be positive or negative, depending on how much coverage the sport has.

For example:

  • there is little coverage of womens sports; therefore fewer girls are influenced by the media to take up sports than boys
  • squash is not shown much by people so people don't think it's worth trying
  • football is covered alot and therefore lots of people see it and want to play
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The clothes for some sports are much more fashionable than for others. This can affect which activities we do or don't do.

For example, so people think:

  • Snowboarding clothes are cooler than skiing clothes
  • bascketball clothes are more fun that an all white tennis kit

We are more likely to want to get involved in an activity that has clothes that appeal to us, and that we think makes us look good!

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