Jewish time line of persecution GCSE AQA history revision

timeline of Jewish persecution year by year - best of luck and i hope they help doon't forgett to rate it !

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1933- 1937


  • April - one day boycott of Jewish businesses

1934 - increased propaganda as Hitler is in Power


  • May - can't be in the army
  • september - nuremburg laws


  • reduced propaganda due to the olympics tpeople were aware in othe rcountries of Hitlers anti -seimetic views however the extent of them was to be found out later 

1937-  hatred mentioned in a speech

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1938 onwards


  • April jews must register property
  • June - jews could not see/ treat aryans in lines of work such as being a doctor or lawyer 
  • October - red J in passports 
  • November 9-10th - kristallnacht 
  • nov 15th jews not allowed to go to normal schools  only jewish ones
  • deember remaining jewish business taken


  • had to change names to sarah or isral 
  • sept ww2 

general persecution and the wansee confrence in 1942 which dealt with the final solution in  which Himmler played a key roles as head of the ** who ran the camps

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