So what's the deal with Aryans( and more)?Nazi Germany AQA GCSE

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firstly what is an aryan and why were they so important ?

this was someone who had nordic qualities they were tall and had blonde hair blue eyes and had flushed  cheeks and had an oval face , they were considered to be 'pure' germans- Hitler believed that if Germany has been run by aryans and had more of them fight in the first world war then they would have won and as an ex solider he was very angry about Germanys  loss Hitler believed that this was because the Aryans had interbred which had weakened the genes and wanted to correct this 

Hitler wanted there to be a high birth rate amongst aryans ( as well as in general due to the loss  of men in the first world war there  was even a law considered that would make it ok for one man to have 2 wives after the war and for a  man…


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