jane eyre

an overview of themes

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mr rochester and thornfield

mr rochester: when jane meets mr rochester for the first time it is twilight- a very romantic time. he is riding on a black stallion which symbolises masculinity. it also shows us jane's courage to try and tame the stallion. when he leans on her, it is not just physically but also represents him leaning on her emotionally and morally.he is quite dominating but jane makes sure he doesn't dominate her.

thornfield: it is rather a grim place. there is also the mystery of the third floor where grace poole lives. it is compared to a 'bluebeard's castle'. it is quite daunting and scary.

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jane's paintings and the fire

the paintings: the paintings jane shows to mr rochester are full of turbulence and and intensity of imagination. mr rochester can see that they reflect himself. he realises that jane is not just a helpless governess but another deep and passionate person like himself. he is drwan to her honesty and power of emotion

the fire: when jane rescues mr rochester from the fire.s he is not only rescuing him from a physical fire but also a moral, emotional and spiritual fire. she is pulling hime forward from the fire of his emotional past.her moral strength, good ness and innocence restores his trust in women.

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jane's return and the proposal

jane's return: jane's intensity of emotion is revealed in a religious simile.her detail describes how she is so glad to be back. she slips into the present tense because she relives the event.

the proposal: it occurs in an eden-like orchard full of fragrance. he says that there is a string tying them toether from heart to heart and if she leaves he will bleed eternally. afterwards the chestnut splits which symbolises separation

during the wedding, she finds out he has a mad wife on the third storey and she runs away.

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rochester and st john


  • a sinner
  • wild and dissolute
  • passionate
  • wounded and flawed
  • good-hearted
  • heroic

st john:

  • righteous and saintlike
  • law abiding
  • cold
  • pious
  • missionary
  • rigid and zealous
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